Step 3: Submit Official Transcripts and Diploma/Degree Certificate

Applicants with international coursework are required to submit one official original-language record of all academic coursework (transcripts) and proof of degree (diploma/degree certificate) in the original-language, directly to the SDSU Graduate Admissions Office. An official English translation must accompany all academic records.

Required Documents:

Graduate applicants are required to submit official post-secondary transcripts issued by the school in sealed envelopes to the SDSU Graduate Admissions Office. Official transcripts/grade reports are required from all post-secondary schools attended. Review the Graduate: Requirements by Country for country-specific information. Failure to submit the exact country-specific documents listed will result in your application being canceled.

Graduate applicants who have completed their post-secondary degree must submit an attested copy of their diploma/degree certificate or a provisional degree certificate in a sealed envelope issued by the school to the SDSU Graduate Admissions Office. Applicants with a degree in progress must submit their official diploma/degree certificate after completion of the degree.

If official transcripts and diploma/degree certificates are not issued in English, applicants must submit a certified literal English translation of each document. The translated documents must be sent to SDSU from the university or certified translator in sealed envelopes. The translation must contain all information shown on the original language documents in the same format. SDSU recommends applicants request more than one official transcript if a certified English translation is needed.

Graduate: Requirements by Country

Guidelines for Submitting Official Transcripts and Diploma/Degree Certificate

  1. Transcripts and diploma/degree certificates are defined as "official" when the documents are submitted in sealed envelopes (unopened) issued by the school.
  2. SDSU accepts university attested copies of transcripts and diploma/degree certificates when submitted in sealed envelopes (unopened) issued by the school.
  3. Transcripts and diploma/degree certificates cannot be submitted by email.
  4. Official transcripts must be submitted from all universities attended.
  5. Official transcripts must be mailed directly from the university. If the university will not mail the transcript directly or if you prefer to mail transcripts yourself, the sealed envelope (unopened) issued by the school may be placed in another envelope and mailed to the SDSU Graduate Admissions Office.
  6. If official transcripts are mailed from an international location, we recommend using a guaranteed delivery service such as Federal Express or DHL. This allows you to track and confirm delivery of your documents to the Graduate Admissions Office.
  7. Official transcripts and diploma/degree certificates should be mailed to the exact address listed below. Failure to send documents to the Graduate Admission Office mailing address may result in your documents not being delivered in a timely manner or not being received at all.

Deadline to Submit Transcripts and Diploma/Degree Certificate

The deadline to submit official transcripts and diploma/degree certificate will be indicated in your SDSU WebPortal account under Admission Status. Official documents should be submitted to:

Graduate Admissions Office
San Diego State University
5500 Campanile Drive
San Diego, CA 92182-7416

How Long Will it Take to Process My Documents?

Allow up to three weeks for processing after documents have been delivered to the Graduate Admissions Office. The status of documents and test scores will be updated in your WebPortal after they have been evaluated.

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