Presidential Scholars Program

The Presidential Scholars program was created to provide resources to students who would benefit from a variety of services to ensure academic achievement. The Presidential Scholars program is looking for high achieving students who have a commitment to serving their communities and who will lead their peers in transformational ways.

The Presidential Scholars program will provide resources such as, mentoring, tutoring, and advising. Additionally, select students may be eligible for a scholarship worth up to $40,000 over four years. The scholarship application will be available by invitation only and you will be notified in December if you are eligible to apply. Please note that applying to SDSU or for the Presidential Scholars program does not bind you to attend SDSU.

Regardless of if you receive the scholarship or not, as a Presidential Scholar you will still benefit from all of the other resources and we will work with you to make sure you are eligible for other state and federal financial aid and other scholarships as a Presidential Scholar.

This opportunity is not available to everyone!