SDSU Virtual Backgrounds

Show your SDSU pride while you attend Zoom meetings and/or information sessions.

Choose Your SDSU Virtual Background

Feel free to select and save as many you'd like. We have one for everyone whether you are a prospective student, admitted student, parent, counselor, current student, alumnus, or community member! Start showing your SDSU pride today!

Red background, class of SDSU 2025

Black background, big numbers, class of SDSU 2025

Black background, Class of 2023

Black background, big numbers, Class of 2023

I Heart SDSU Zoom virtual background

SDSU Bound Centennial Walkway Zoom virtual background

aerial view of Student Services West with the Library Dome and Student Union.

view of West Terrace

Hepner Hall Zoom virtual background

I'm Joining the SDSU Family Zoom virtual background

Proud SDSU Parent Zoom virtual background

Proud SDSU Parent Walking Bridge Zoom virtual background

SDSU Logo, red background

SDSU Logo, black background

SDSU block letters, red background

SDSU block letters, black background


Follow these steps to use one of the virtual backgrounds:

  1. Click/tap to open one of the images. Right click with a mouse or tap and hold on a phone/tablet to save your image. Remember where you saved the file.
  2. Open your Zoom application and start your meeting.
    • If you are on a computer:
      1. Next to the Video (camera) icon, select the up arrow. A menu will appear above the button. Select Choose Virtual Background.
      2. A Settings window will appear. Under the video image of yourself, there will be a Choose Virtual Background heading and a plus icon. Select the plus icon and then Add Image.
      3. Find the SDSU virtual background that you previously saved, select the file and then press Open. The SDSU virtual background will appear in the box along with the other virtual backgrounds that you previously had saved and may already be selected for you. Close the Settings box, you are all set!
    • If you are on a phone/tablet:
      1. Tap the (dot dot dot) More option and select Virtual Background.
      2. Scroll to the end of the prepopulated backgrounds and select the plus icon.
      3. Naviage to your image. You may have to give permission to access your photos. Select the image and follow the prompts.
      4. Tap Close and you are all set!
  3. When using an image with text or logos, you may have to uncheck the Mirror my video box in the virtual background settings.
  4. Now you will appear in front of an SDSU virtual background!