First-Year Students

Fall 2024

Applications are accepted between October 1 and November 30 for the following fall.

Who Is a First-Year Student?

You can apply as a first-year student if you:

  • are on track to graduate with a high school diploma by spring 2024; OR
  • graduated high school, but have not taken college courses beyond the summer after graduation.

Admissions Criteria

Our admissions process considers a comprehensive range of factors for each applicant. We seek to enroll students who are both academically qualified and demonstrate the potential to contribute to SDSU's diverse community. SDSU Aztecs have a wide variety of backgrounds, interests and passions. Decisions are based on the information you report on your application and the academic qualifications of the applicant pool.

To meet minimum admission requirements, you must complete a 15-unit comprehensive pattern of college preparatory courses (known in California as A-G requirements) with grades of C- or higher. You must complete your subject requirements by the end of the spring term before enrolling at SDSU.

A‑G Subject Years Specifications
A Social Science 2 years required Must include one year of U.S. history and government.
B English 4 years required Acceptable courses must include substantial reading of classic/modern literature and writing of structured papers. Elective courses do not fulfill the English requirement.
C Mathematics 3 years required;
4 recommended
Acceptable courses include algebra I, algebra II, geometry, and other advanced courses that require algebra and geometry as prerequisites. Computer programming courses do not fulfill the math subject requirement.
D Laboratory Science 2 years required;
3 recommended
Must include one year of biological science and one year of physical science. Both must have a laboratory component.
E Foreign Language 2 years required Must be the same language. (Subject to waiver for applicants demonstrating equivalent competence.)
F Visual and Performing Arts 1 year required Must be a year-long visual and performing arts course selected from visual art, dance, drama/theatre, or music. May complete two semester-long courses from the same discipline.
G Electives 1 year required College preparatory courses selected from the areas listed above or other approved college preparatory A–G courses.

We consider the breadth and depth of your academic record, and encourage you to challenge yourself by taking a rigorous curriculum including Advanced Placement (AP), honors, and/or International Baccalaureate (IB) classes.

CSU Minimum First-Year Eligibility

SDSU is an impacted campus with a competitive applicant pool. The average high school GPA for admitted students is 3.9. First-year students must meet the following minimum CSU eligibility requirements to be considered:

  • be a high school graduate or equivalent;
  • complete or will complete 15 year-long college preparatory courses with a grade of C- or higher upon graduation from high school; and
  • earn a qualifying A-G grade point average (GPA) in one of the following ways:
    • Meet at least a 2.5 GPA or greater for California residents and graduates of a California high school; OR
    • Meet at least a 3.0 or greater for non-California residents and graduates of a non-California high school

You must choose a major when you apply to SDSU. All majors are competitive, and every major has more applicants than available spots (impaction). While we look at all of the college-prep coursework you have taken during high school, we also consider your performance and the number of units taken in courses most relevant to predict success in your intended academic discipline.

  • Computer Science and Engineering Majors: Preference is given to applicants who have taken and earned strong grades in science and mathematics courses.
  • Dance, Music, and Theatre Arts-Performance: Applicants must successfully pass an audition and meet general admissions requirements for admission to the major and the university.
  • Nursing: You must earn a B or better grade in high school intermediate algebra, biology, and chemistry with lab courses for consideration. If AP or IB level courses are taken in these areas, you must earn a B or better grade in the course. Preference is given to applicants who have taken and earned strong grades in science and mathematics courses. Review our Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing - Direct Entry web page for more information.

Special consideration is given to students who have overcome life obstacles, participated in college preparatory programs, and attend high schools within SDSU's local admission area.

Note: In alignment with the California State University (CSU) system, SDSU no longer uses SAT or ACT exam scores from first-year applicants for determining admission eligibility. If accepted, ACT or SAT test scores can be used as one of the measures to place students in the proper mathematics and/or written communication courses.

Before You Apply

Plan ahead and apply early.

Cal State Apply Checklist

  1. Before you begin your application, have the following items on hand:
    • Unofficial transcripts. You'll be asked to enter all courses you've completed, those currently in progress, and any you plan to take. Enter your grades as they appear on your transcript using your school grading scale.
    • Your citizenship status.
    • Credit card. Application fees are due at the time of submission and are paid by credit card.
    • Annual income. If you are a dependent, then report your parents' income. If you are independent, then report your income.
    • Your parents' employment background and two recommendations. This applies only if you are applying to the Educational Opportunity Program (EOP).
  2. Parent/Guardian Communication
    The Office of Admissions will communicate information to parents or guardians using the email addresses provided on Cal State Apply if you have granted permission. Parent or guardian email addresses are not updated after the application is submitted.

How to Apply

Admission decisions are initially based on self-reported data on the application, so we do not need your transcripts until after you are admitted. You must provide complete and accurate information on your application, such as high school GPA, course titles, and grades. Transcripts will be used to verify your self-reported information and any misreporting will jeopardize your admission status.

Apply to SDSU


After the application period ends, we will give special attention to reviewing your application. Admissions decisions are made in the spring. If you are admitted:

C- or Higher

Courses you listed on your application as in progress or planned must be completed with grades of C- or higher by the end of the spring 2024 term, or any offer of admission may be withdrawn.


You must maintain your reported overall GPA. If you earn a D or F during your senior year or if your GPA drops below what was reported on your application, any offer of admission may be withdrawn.


If you misreported a required course, any offer of admission may be withdrawn.

Already Applied?

Review Your Next Steps

Housing Requirement

All first-year students who graduate from a high school outside of SDSU's local admission area during spring 2024 will be required to live on campus for two years. First year and second year students who live in SDSU campus housing are proven to academically outperform their peers who live off campus. Research shows that the average GPA is 11% higher for residential students and 13% higher for students living in learning communities.

Because of this proven success, the Sophomore QUEST program was created, which enables program participants to receive customized career development support; flexible guest, meal, and roommate policies; and enhanced safety and security.

For more information about the Sophomore QUEST program and housing information, visit the Housing and Residential Education website.

Review and become familiar with the First-Year On-Campus Resident Parking Policy.