Finalize Your Enrollment Guide

This guide is for newly admitted students. Refer to the instructions below to learn how to navigate my.SDSU to accept your offer of admission, pay your intent to enroll deposit, and review official transcript and test score status, and access the Housing Portal to complete your Student Housing License Agreement (if applicable). Select any image to enlarge.

Please turn off pop-up blockers in your web browser to avoid any issues, especially with paying your Intent to Enroll deposit. The online payment system currently supports the following web browsers: Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari.

  1. Visit my.SDSU and select my.SDSU Login. Enter your SDSUid and password. For additional guidance on how to log in, please review Logging into my.SDSU.

    Note: There are two ways to log in (at the upper-right hand of the page or mid-page.)

    arrow pointing to login buttons
  2. Select the Admissions tile.
    view of screen with Admissions, Profile, and Tasks tiles.
  3. Review your admission decision by selecting the info icon infographic icon next to Congrats, you are admitted! and review the admission decision message.
    Screen showing admission status with Accept or Decline buttons.
    Screen showing Status Information with Admissions text.
  4. Accept or decline your offer of admission.
    Screen showing admission decision with Accept or Decline buttons.
  5. Select Yes or No to confirm acceptance of your admission offer.
    Screen showing Yes and No buttons to confirm your choice.

    Note: Once you make a decision, the Accept and Decline buttons will be replaced with a Change Offer Response button, should you wish to change your status. You have only one chance to change your status after your initial decision by the May 1 deadline.

    Screen showing Change Offer Response button.
  6. Check your To Do List and select Intent Deposit.
    To do list with Intent Deposit listed.
  7. Select Pay Non-Refundable Deposit (unless you have qualified for a deferment).
    Task details about the Intent Deposit. $400 nonrefundable deposit that goes towards your tuition.
  8. Select Intent to Enroll Deposit.
    Screen showing Intent to Enroll Deposit option.
  9. Select Add to payment. This will add your Intent to Enroll Deposit to your selected items.
    Screen showing $400 to add to your transaction with the Add to payment button.
    Confirmation screen showing it was added and asking if you want to pay for anything else.
  10. Scroll to the bottom of the page to select Checkout.
    Red checkout button
  11. Enter payment information and select Continue.
    Screen showing payment info.
  12. Confirm your payment and contact information and select Pay $400.
    Screen showing payment info.
  13. Review your payment confirmation.
    A green checkmark appears when the payment is successful.
    To Do List shows Intent Deposit Paid.
  14. Return to my.SDSU and continue to monitor your Tasks tile for any other items needing your attention.
    Tasks Tile

To review and submit official transcripts and test scores, select the Tasks tile in my.SDSU. Any To Do’s that must be completed will be displayed on this page.

view of screen with Admissions, Profile, and Tasks tiles.

A status of "initiated" indicates that the item still requires action. Once a completed item has been processed by the Office of Admissions, it will be removed from the list. All final official transcripts must be sumbitted by July 15 for first-year students and June 30 for transfer students.

First-year students who have attended multiple high schools: Transcripts from your current high school will be submitted first, followed by transcripts from previous high schools. Please continue checking your To Do List to see when your second set of transcripts need to be submitted.

Select each item to view task details.

view of pending to-do items.

Incoming first-year students who are required to live on campus must complete the student housing license agreement and submit the initial nonrefundable payment fee on the Housing Portal by May 1. Failure to do so may result in cancellation of the offer of admission.

Turn Off Pop-Up Blockers

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