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Meet the Staff

Bradley Moon

Bradley Moon, M.A.

International Admissions Adviser

Region: International Transfer students (all countries)

Favorite Place on Campus: KPBS – The radio station that produces my favorite programs and podcasts!

Favorite Campus Eatery: Thai food from the weekly campus Farmers Market.

Favorite San Diego Attraction: Sunset Cliffs on the coast is a great place to watch the sun go down and update your profile picture!


David Ayers

David Ayers, M.A.

International Admissions Adviser

Region: Freshmen from India, and the Middle Eastern countries

Favorite Place on Campus: The International Student Center for Friday Coffee Hour.

Favorite Campus Eatery: The Habit because it's a California original.

Favorite San Diego Attraction: La Jolla Cove for surfing and snorkeling with leopard sharks.


Edward Murillo

Edward Murillo, M.S.

International Admissions Adviser

Region: Freshmen from Europe, Africa, Australia and the Americas

Favorite Place on Campus: In front of the Love Library on Thursdays! There is a farmers market every Thursday where vendors sell their delicious food!

Favorite Campus Eatery: Does Trader Joe's count? SDSU has many great campus eateries I enjoy such as Dickey's BBQ, The Habit, and Chipotle.

Favorite San Diego Attraction: Balboa Park. It has history, architecture, gardens, the zoo, and much more!


Wenjun "Vivian" Jin

Wenjun "Vivian" Jin, M.A.

International Admissions Adviser

Region: Freshmen from Asia and International Graduate students (all countries)

Favorite Place on Campus: Scripps Cottage and Turtle Pond – This is a peaceful and beautiful spot on campus. Many students choose this area to have lunch, study, or to hang out with their friends.

Favorite Campus Eatery: Oggi's – They have the best margarita pizza!

Favorite San Diego Attraction: Torrey Pines State Park for an easy, but beautiful hiking trail.


Amanda Yousif

Amanda Yousif, M.A.

International Admissions Coordinator

Favorite Place on Campus: The SDSU turtle pond! Being surrounded in nature and relaxing under the sun. The sound of the pond and watching the fish and turtles is beautiful and peaceful.

Favorite Campus Eatery: East Commons and more specifically, Panda Express.

Favorite San Diego Attraction: Belmont Park because it offers rides, attractions, and restaurants and it is right by the beach.




Student Assistant

Hometown: Delhi, India

Native Language: Hindi

Major: Biology - Cellular and Molecular Biology – BS, Class of 2021

Favorite Place on Campus: I love the Mediterranean Garden near the Life Sciences building. It has a variety of species of plants and a very peaceful setting.

Favorite Campus Eatery: Chipotle - because Mexican food is really delicious!

Favorite San Diego Attraction: SeaWorld - because I love the animal shows and exciting rides.



Student Assistant

Hometown: Baghdad, Iraq

Native Language: Arabic

Major: Mechanical Engineering, Class of 2019

Favorite Place on Campus: The turtle pond is an amazing place to relax between classes or after a long day in school. The atmosphere is beautiful.

Favorite Campus Eatery: Trujillo's Taco Shop has the most delicious Mexican food near campus!

Favorite San Diego Attraction: Coronado Island has a beautiful beach and a great vibe! It’s a must see for anyone visiting San Diego!



Student Assistant

Hometown: Porto Alegre, Brazil

Native Language: Portugese

Major: Management, Class of 2021

Favorite Place on Campus: The Mediterranean Garden - It's really peaceful and great for studying or just relaxing in between classes!

Favorite Campus Eatery: The Brazilian food tent at the Farmer's Market - Not only do they have the best acai bowl in San Diego, but it also reminds me of home!

Favorite San Diego Attraction: Seaport Village - There are so many things you can do there, from walking around to watching a magic show. They also have Ben & Jerry's ice cream!



Student Assistant

Hometown: Zhengzhou, Henan, China

Native Language: Chinese-Mandarin

Major: Accounting, Class of 2020

Favorite Place on Campus: Love Library. It contains both quiet places and places to communicate. I love to take a break between courses and study alone or with the group in Love Library.

Favorite Campus Eatery: The new eatery named Poki One N Half in the South Campus Plaza. They have great salad! The spicy sauce in the salad is my favorite!

Favorite San Diego Attraction: Seaport Village. If you go there, buy pizzas from the local store, sit near the sea, enjoy the view, and you will know what is life!



Student Assistant

Hometown: Shanghai, China

Native Language: Chinese

Major: Accounting - Business Administration, Class of 2019

Favorite Place on Campus: I like the basement of our library. It's a quiet and comfortable place to take a break from the day and get my homework done.

Favorite Campus Eatery: I like the Starbucks in the Aztec Student Union. It’s close to my on-campus job where I like to grab coffee and a snack during my lunch break.

Favorite San Diego Attraction: La Jolla Cove. It’s a beautiful beach where I can watch the sunset and take pictures.