Impacted Majors

All San Diego State University majors and pre-majors are designated as impacted, meaning they have more students wanting to declare that major than can be accommodated. Students who are admitted to SDSU are placed in the pre-major of that program (if all requirements are met at the time of admission).

All premajors must meet department-specific criteria to move from the premajor to the major, such as a specified minimum grade point average, completion of prerequisite courses, tests, and completion of a certain number of units. Students are advised to review the degree evaluation in my.SDSU and review the Major Prep section for details on the impaction requirements for their major. In addition, students should refer to the University Catalog of the year in which they declared a major for official requirements.

Current enrolled students with questions related to their major can contact their major advisors through the Major Advisor Directory.

New and prospective students may contact the Prospective Student Center for more information.